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Fri, 18th of April


Vue aérienne du château et des jardins de Versailles.

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Fri, 18th of April
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Fri, 18th of April


Duane Hanson, Tourists II, (1988). 

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Mon, 14th of April

Sometimes I feel bad for him.

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Mon, 14th of April
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Sun, 13th of April
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Sun, 13th of April


Different doors in Chefchaouen, Morocco.

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Sun, 13th of April

Chocolate cake layered with salted caramel and buttercream rosettes for my mama.

Compliments to @syakinaaa_ whose baked goods are to die for!

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Sun, 13th of April

I remember back in JC when two guys cracked a racist joke about poor Malay families (you know, the one that goes “what’s the difference between a Malay man and a bench?”). It was funny to them (they were non-Malay and came from rich families), but not to me. I felt so acutely as if they regarded my reality as a laughing stock. Fodder for ridicule. How do you carry yourself confidently in such an environment? Some people do of course, but can you blame others if they feel like they have to go to lengths to compensate for what so many have insinuated is somehow a deformity?

Studies have shown how those at a structurally disadvantaged position due to race do not acknowledge institutional racism, but instead tend to blame themselves completely for their failings. They are unaware that they were not given the same opportunities. So insidious is the classism perpetuated by meritocracy, so convincing is the simple lie told about how anyone can climb up the ladder, that it has managed to make those victimized by it perpetuate their own disadvantages into the next generation in their class.

—   'Meritocracy as Myth' Diana Rahim. POSKOD.SG (via najmetender)   —
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Sun, 13th of April
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Sat, 12th of April


"the pattern of human population growth in the twentieth century was more bacterial than primate."edward. o. wilson

"we are a plague on the earth. it’s coming home to roost over the next fifty years or so. it’s not just climate change; it’s sheer space, places to grow food for this enormous horde."david attenborough

around ten thousand years ago, there were maybe five million people on earth. two thousand years ago, there were probably two hundred million. today, there are over seven billion people, and that’s almost a billion more than there were just over a decade ago. in 2009, the number of people living in urban areas surpassed the number living in rural areas.

these photos were taken by chris hadfield (on tumblr) while commander of the international space station, showing, in order, (click pic) amman, istanbul, brussels, cairo, manila, london, delhi, boston, beijing, and guadalajara.

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Sat, 12th of April
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Sat, 12th of April
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Sat, 12th of April
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Sat, 12th of April
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